Free Get Back Together Acab Party!  for Members
May 28th 2022

We are having a party and you are invited.
We have been working hard to find a way for us to get back together after over 2 years when we could not meetup.
You will get food, transport to and from the venue as well as fun activities for the kids.

A gem in Bolton

Luckily for you we have found a gem of a place in Bolton, where we can hold the party.
It is a stunning place.
The grounds are beautiful , private for us to use and more than enough room for the children to play.
In fact, games will be organised for them.
Even if the weather is rubbish, they have a huge indoor venue that we can make use of.

We want to spoil you

Once we found out about this venue, we worked very hard to get it and now you can enjoy it.
We have decided to spoil you.
Starting with transport to take you from Bolton town centre to the venue, then bring you back after the party.

On the day of the party -28th of May

You will leave Bolton City Centre to the venue.
At the venue you will enjoy African food which includes a barbecue.
Then there will be games for the children to play.
The weather forecast shows a dry day yippee!! (But of course we are in Bolton so anything is possible.)

How to qualify

To enjoy this day, you will need to renew your Acab membership.
We are making it very easy for you.
Unfortunately, we cannot have everyone at the venue, and we need to confirm who is coming.
To make sure there is enough food for you to enjoy and we can organise transport.
You need to book quick.
Choose your options depending on the size of your family.

Step by step to confirm and book your place:

Choose your membership by clicking on the link below.

When you click on the Donate button, choose your membership, based on whether you work or not and family members

You will see a comments section

Please enter family members and their names and how old they are.
Please also say YES I agree for photos of all of us to be taken if you are happy with that.

We will confirm your place for the party and you will get a ticket/tickets for the party.
You will get a notification of your place for the 28th of May.

Ok go ahead and renew your membership or become a member.
Press the Donate button NOW 

By the way you will be getting a lot more for your Money

Other than this party other things you will be able to enjoy are:

1.       Musical festival Liverpool Africa Oye in June, with free transport.  
 The last time we did that was in 2019 and it was a real hit

2.       Your choice of another trip of your choice

3.       Back for another Party at this Gem in Bolton