Yes Africa Oye is back.
Please don't miss this amazing event.
It is the UK's largest Free celebration of African Music and Culture.

As a an Acab member:

  • You will get there for FREE and in style
  • We have booked a coach to get you there and back.
  • We are celebrating getting back together
  • You need to be there as part of the celebration

Now book your trip to Africa Oye, 

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To enjoy this day, you will need to renew your Acab membership, for 2022 to 20223
We are making it very easy for you.

Step by step to confirm and book your place:

Choose your membership by clicking on the link below.

When you click on the Donate button, choose your membership, based on whether you work or not and family members.
This allows you to book your family members on the bus

We will confirm your place on the coach.
You will get a notification of your tickets.

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By the way you will be getting a lot more for your Money

Other than this trip other things you will be able to enjoy are:

1.          A choice of another trip of your choice e.g Chester Zoo

2.      We had a very successful party on the 28th of May we will host another one for  FREE for you as an Acab Member.