Hi and Welcome to ACAB
An organisation that aims to celebrate the different cultures of Africans and Friends of as well as supporters in Bolton
We aim to:
Unite all Africans, with all those in Bolton who support the aims of the association, irrespective of race, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or caring responsibility.
Assist all those members experiencing disadvantage, need or inequality whenever any need arises and to treat.
Advance portray and promote the rich, colourful cultures, arts, heritage and traditions of the nations of Africa.
Promote and create racial, ethnic and religious harmony, diversity and peace within the community.
Advance the education of young people by creating an institution that will encourage them to understand and develop and interest in the cultures and traditions of Africa.
Create recreational facilities for all members with special reference to children and the elderly.
Engage in community work and assist in any charitable activities

Please feel free to drop in to our New office
1st Floor Churchgate House, Churchgate